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November 1 – December 31

Part 1: RE (Nov 1-7, Nov 29-Dec 5)

Vivian Ostrovsky The Title was shot 08:58
Leslie Rogers Victory Dance 02:25
Arthur Tuoto Je Proclame la Destruction 03:40
Antonio Anton The Gedelovskys 10:41
Lauren Valley Bennie and the Heads 01:01
Paul Wiersbinski Fly high or I fly above you 07:08
Katya Yakubov Maps to the In-Between 07:23
Mark Kent the waiting hotel 07:44
Richard Haley Proposal For Actions To Be Performed With My Ashes Once I have Deceased 01:01
Arthur Tuoto What We Make of Our MisFortunes 01:00:25
Heejin Jang Bleach Formula 06:54
Yvette Granata Superficie des Continents (The Area of the Continents) 05:21
Isabelle McGuire 3 Women 09:17